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Please note that the untimely death of our herd sire Windy Ridge Eagle’s Blackhawk June 16, 2014  has meant our departure from breeding donkeys.  Over 42 years of donkey breeding has sadly finally come to an end for us.  We may keep a few donkey companions and will be available to answer questions or provide any help we can to you as a donkey owner. We will have a few animals for sale in 2014 and we seek a special home for the small group of brood jennets.              

 Location & History

Windy Ridge Farm Donkeys, home of Rare Breed Mammoth Jack Stock, is located in the West Country of Central Alberta, 18 miles east of historic Rocky Mountain House - established on the site of fur trading forts in the late 1700's.

For almost 100 years fur traders of the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company traded with the Kootenay and Blackfoot Nations until the companies merged in 1821 and the last fort was closed 54 years later. Rocky Mountain House National Historic Park celebrates the trading posts, fur trade, and opening of the western frontier at the edge of the Canadian Rockies. 

In the heart of the Rockies.

Such posts were the base from which famous explorer and geographer, David Thompson, surveyed and mapped the region. As you drive Highway #11 from Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House you will be driving the David Thompson Highway. A visit to this area, gateway to 'The Land of the Shining Mountains', so named by David Thompson, will take you west through rolling foothills into the Canadian Rockies - a land of adventure and magnificent beauty.

This region of wilderness offers visitors hanging glaciers, clear mountain lakes, superb snowy peaks, alpine meadows plus the historic coal mining 'ghost' town of Nordegg. Camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, trail riding and hunting are but a few of the adventures to be had in this area. You can even bring your longears to ride here!

Longears in the Land:

Not only can you bring your donkey or mule to ride the trails of the Land of the Shining Mountains, but if you are looking for a new animal, this area is home to several reputable breeders. Registered Miniature Donkeys can be found south of Rocky at Longshot Longears  operated by Jannell Naismith. 

RIding mule in the high country.

Not far away, in the same area, is one of Alberta's few qualified mule trainers, Karen Anderson, at Rocky Mountain Mules. Karen's mules learn to pack and ride in the Rockies. She also organizes annual Brad Cameron Clinics in Alberta.

Small Standard donkey on pack trip.

North and east of the Rocky area is Triple K Kanaries, a Small Standard breeding operation run by Keith Kendrew in Rimbey. Keith's donkeys may be smaller then our Mammoths, but certainly not too small to drive or pack the gear for family on the trail. 

Windy Ridge Farm, home to registered Mammoth Jack Stock since we moved here in 1982, is located 18 miles east of Rocky and two miles south of Leslieville at the junction of secondary Highway #761 and Township road #39-2. Or if you are travelling to Red Deer, the largest city in Central Alberta, we are located 35 miles west of Red Deer.  For our USA neighbors, we are located approximately 450 miles north of Conrad, MT.

 We bought our first Mammoth in 1979 while we were still breeding Large Standards and have gradually shifted our focus to the 'big guys' which can be used for riding, driving, packing etc. and which we believe is the most versatile donkey size class.   Besides which,  Mammoths are on the Rare Breeds List in North America, and we believe they are worth preserving, especially the excellent performance bloodlines !

The 2014 death of our beloved jack Windy Ridge Eagle’s Blackhawk, plus our advancing age brings us to the end of the donkey breeding chapter in our lives.  Whether or not we keep a few donkeys yet as companions remains to be seen. We shall certainly remain in the donkey world to offer assistance and answer questions to the best of our ability.     

And you may still combine your search for longears and longears information with a visit to the Canadian Rockies…bring your saddle donkey or mule to ride Canada’s rugged trails!

Windy Ridge donkeys in the snow.

Who are we at Windy Ridge Farm Donkeys ? 

The Sewell family of Windy Ridge Farm - Carl, Sybil and boys Ken and Iain (who have since left home and have families of their own) - have been involved in the breeding and raising of quality donkeys since 1970 ... beginning with the purchase of little 44'' dun grey jennet, Eeyore, when we lived in Eastern Canada. Eeyore lead us into raising Small Standards and from there we moved to concentrate on larger donkeys which we believe are the most versatile types.  

Windy Ridge Farm is one of the oldest breeders of Registered donkeys in Canada. In fact we were registering stock with the American Donkey and Mule Society before helping to start the Canadian registry in the late'70s !

We have been producing Mammoth Jack stock since 1980, although sometimes we have the occasional Large Standard for sale. Mammoths are the largest size class of donkeys in North America and are on the Rare Breeds List. Mature jennets must stand 54'' (13.2hh) or over, while jacks must stand 56'' (14hh) or over. 

 Windy Ridge Farm is registered in both USA and Canada for the purpose of breeding donkeys, and the majority of our foundation stock were hand-picked, registered donkeys selected in USA. We are life members of both the American Donkey and Mule Society and the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association. As well as being cofounder of CDMA, Sybil is also a CDMA and ADMS Inspector and a retired ADMS judge. 


Since moving to Alberta in 1981, we have worked to establish an even better breeding herd of Mammoth Jack Stock with imported bloodlines of several United States National Halter and Performance Champions notably Black Bart, Dry Gulch Maynard, Siemon's Glen and more recently Scott's Gallant Eagle who died in June 2005.

 For many years we have exported stock to USA where they, and their progeny have shown and worked successfully. By the 21st century, 50% to 70% or more of our stock have found new homes in USA. We have also assisted with the establishment of many mule breeding operations across Canada and into Northwestern United States. The resulting mule progeny sired by Windy Ridge full Mammoth blood and 75% Mammoth blood jacks are proving themselves on the trails and show rings of Western Canada and the United States. 

By March 14, 2010 we successfully exported the first registered Mammoth donkey from Canada to New Zealand with all arrangements being made courtesy of IRT (International Racehorse Transport) out of Chicago. See details of Windy Ridge Black Mariah on our Sale Donkeys page. 



Mammoth jennets.

Our goals have been two fold: 

1. To produce quality Mammoth donkeys in order to preserve not only the breed but especially to preserve the valuable older working bloodlines of proven deceased jacks such as Siemon's Glen, Black Bart, Dry Gulch Maynard , Scott's Gallant Eagle etc. These were athletic, lively working donkeys whose offspring can be seen  on our show and working donkey pages.  You can also read about them under Our Jack and Reference Jacks pages.

 2. To produce quality working donkeys with good conformation and disposition that will make pleasant, willing companions. 

To that end, Windy Ridge Donkeys can be found across USA, in every province of Canada, except Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories, and now overseas in New Zealand. They are skidding supplies, firewood, packing family camping gear on the trail or fresh meat for hunters, trail riding, showing, driving for pleasure and competition as well as working on small farms guarding sheep, young horses and cattle ... perhaps we have a donkey for you. 

To God be the glory for the many donkey's years He has provided for us !


Carl & Sybil Sewell, 
T0M 1H0 

Tel: 403-729-3047 

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